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Asheville, NC

I have been to the Asheville Civic Center to watch the Smoke play two or three times a year since I've lived in the upstate area.

The Smoke houses warm, receptive fans. The seating in the arena is not conducive to watching hocking (many blind spots).

But it's a great time, nonetheless.

The Smoke play at:

Asheville Civic Center
87 Haywood Street
Asheville, NC 28801

The Smoke were a part of the UHL, United Hockey League. As of the 2002-2003, Asheville no longer has a hockey team.

The one thing different in this arena is the penalty box is not across the ice from the benches but between them. Right above the Arby's ROAST BEEF logo is a player in the box. And there was no glass in front of it.

Here's the concession stand at the Civic Center. It kind of reminds me of pot luck dinners at the church I went to when I was a kid. They had hot dogs with cole slaw on them. Yum!

There are two levels of seating. The steps are very steep on the second level. There are many blind spots on both levels.

Several times thoughout the season, Grrrowl fans would head up to Asheville to see the Smoke play. Asheville is an hour or so north of Greenville, SC.

We'd meet at the BiLo (formerly known as Harris Teeter) at Roper Mountain and I-385 and travel up in one, two, or three vehicles.

Below are snapshots of one of those trips in the spring of 2001.

Randy, PapaBill's daughter, PapaBill, Ash

Sometimes we would enjoy a beverage and food at the Beir Garten (we all pronounced it Beer Garden) in downtown Asheville before going to the game.

Kim, PapaBill's daughter, PapaBill, Smoke Fan

We'd always be greeted kindly by Smoke fans. They graciously allowed us to sit in their Dragon's Lair.

Here's Ash, Randy, and me.
Yeah, we had fun on those trips.

Here's Kenny (a.k.a. Topshelf) and his son.

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