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Colorado Eagles

Colorado Eagles
Butterfly Pavilion
Benson Sculpture Garden
Blackhawk, CO

I had to take a week off from work early November, 2009 and decided to remain local (not travel on a plane or drive very far).

There's been a CHL team up in Loveland, CO since I've moved here and I have never gone. This was a good time to go visit the area and the arena.

The Budweiser Event Center, Loveland, CO

The Colorado Eagles of the CHL play here.

It's a nice looking arena, right off I-25. There was road construction at the interstate intersection to get to/from the arena causing a bit of a backup of traffic mostly after the game. That congestion, of course, will be streamlined once the construction is done.

Here's the inside of the arena near the box office area.

This was the only entrance I was able to find, though there were many exits to leave the arena. To the right (not shown in photo) is the box office, where one purchased the game day tickets.

Walking up the steps brings you on to the concourse where you can purchase all kinds of foods and drinks and souvenirs, as well as get into the seating area.

This shot was taken during warm ups from where my seat was. It is the perfect seating arrangement for me. Center ice, above the glass, facing the bench.

There was really just the one level of seats. Above the American Flag buntings are the suites.

There were two huge video/TV screens at the one end of the ice (shown here under Water Valley). They showed replays and fans and other tributes on those screens. Nicely done.

Do note both the Canadian and American flags are displayed.

It was Veterans Day the game I went to. The Eagles players wore camouflage jerseys, which I think were auctioned off at a future game.

Final score.

It's always nice when the home team wins (especially when you don't know either team).

43 Shots On Goal. A total of 78 between the two teams. Wow!

The fans here were LOUD! Thunderstix were the give away this game. It was a great game and am very, very glad I went.

Oh yeah, Kerry will like this one.... it wasn't freezing cold. I had brought a blanket, gloves, extra jacket to this game. Had no need to use any of those. Sweet!

I did do other things during this week off:

There's plenty more for me to see and do in Colorado and I will think of doing another local vacation at some point in the future.

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