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Colorado Avalanche

At this game - January 16, 2010

Plaza of Fame:

In 2009, the Pepsi Center installed the Plaza of Fame - just to the left of the main entranceway. It is paved with bricks with individuals names engraved in them who support the teams played here:

It has historic placques and columns labeling all the famous events and championships that have occurred here.

In 2008, the Democratic National Convention was hosted in Denver, CO.
Most of the events happened here at the Pepsi Center.

Here's the entranceway before the doors were opened to allow fans in. This photo was taken from the edge of the Plaza of Fame.

If you would do an about face from the entranceway above, you would see this plaza area. You can see the Rocky Mountains in the background. There used to be a big purple ball in the center of the towers that reflected beautifully in the sun. It was prettier than what's here now.

Inside the arena

This is what you see when you first step through the doors.

We had seats directly behind the goalie, third level, third row. Actually very good seats.
This was taken right after a face off.

You can see retired #'s: Not a sellout but a pretty full crowd for this afternoon's game.

This was a very scary moment.

Here, the medical crew are strapping Patrick Elias (Devils forward) to a stretcher.
Article here.
One of the three fights this game was after this happened.

The three stars of the game were:

3. Ryan Wilson
2. Chris Stewart - 1 goal; 1 assist
1. Craig Anderson - 37 saves

Here're the double header buddies.

Meg, Andrew, and Ann. I'm the one in the Islander's jersey. You can figure out the other two.

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