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Colorado Mammoth

Some notes about this game - January 16, 2010

Some observations about the lacrosse uniform

You'll notice that in photos below.

Opening Ceremony

I'm not sure if they do this for every game or just this game; since it was this season's home opener. There were:

Other notes about this game - January 16, 2010

The Face Off

The face off in lacrosse is different than in hockey. Notice, except for the two players actually taking the face off, the remainder of the team has to stay behind the white line.

I do remember, after the ball is dropped, the face off players seemed like they were almost wrestling and the other team members 'moved in' to try to get or capture the loose ball.

Short Handed Action Shot

Here's an action shot of the Mammoth (in red) in a short handed situation.

The nets, 'glass', and boards still remain from the hockey event. The goal net in lacrosse is much smaller than in hcckey.

The Double Headers

Here we are again with the lacrosse field in the background. Ann, Meg, Andrew

Colorado Mammoth
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