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1/19/02 - 1/26/02

Sovereign Bank Arena
2002 ECHL All Stars
Skills Competition
All Star Game
NJ State Capitol
Richmond - Renegades
Richmond - Careytown
Shane Belter



I'm thinking Careytown is not a separate town but a 'section' of Richmond.

It is six or seven blocks of shops and restaurants. Quite nice.

I spent the day walking the six or seven blocks, visiting the stores and a Mexican restaurant. It is January 26 and I ate OUTSIDE at the restaurant. Gotta love the south.


Careytown is a quaint area to visit. Here are some homes at the end of the six or seven blocks.

I do remember as I walked these blocks most everyone I passed or met smiled and said 'Good Morning.'

How different that was from Trenton where people didn't even make eye contact much less smile.

I'm not sure why I took this photo. Perhaps just to get a view of the neighborhood.

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